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We help schools, governments and organizations implement innovative UAV/Drone programs.

Innovation to Implementation Innovation to Implementation

We design and build custom FPV racing equipment.

STEM Education Programs STEM Education Programs

We help schools create “Learn, Build” programs that develop higher reasoning and complex problem solving skills.

Custom Events Custom Events

We design and produce radio controlled aircraft or multirotor events and races. We cover everything from field flags, gates, timing systems, and event management.

Flight Blog

29 Apr 2015

Legal to fly a drone at my kid’s baseball game?

Recently a client contacted me about a drone flying at a little league baseball game.  She oversees a very large state government organization with over a million visitors a year enjoying various events and activities, so while she loves drones and is very excited about their potential, her first and primary concern is public safety. Her first […]

7 Apr 2015

Drones at your municipal, county, state or non-profit event?

Nowadays, it’s almost commonplace to see a drone recording amazing aerial videos at some public festival, expo or charity event. Official events like county or state fairs, city festivals, or organized events put on by a non profit or charity are perfect examples where people love to see new images and perspectives that can’t be […]

18 Mar 2015

Using Drones in your STEM education program

We get a lot of questions on how to use Drones, multirotors or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in to teach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) subjects. Teachers are finding that this new technology and frontier is a fantastic way to highly engage students and accelerate higher level, critical thinking and problem solving skill development. So […]